Supreme Court: Government Requests to Remove Disinformation on Social Media Are Lawful

The Supreme Court decided that the government can order social media companies to remove damaging disinformation from their platforms, which is a victory for...

Supreme Court Document Indicates Support for Emergency Abortions in Idaho, Quickly Removed

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court admitted that it had posted a document on its website that seemed to indicate that it was prepared to...

Federal Guide Urges Govt. Employees to Use ‘Identity-First’ Language

The Daily Wire obtained an internal guide for the Department of the Interior (DOI) that urges the government to use "inclusive language."

White House Considering Deployment of U.S. Military Contractors to Ukraine: Report

The Biden administration is reportedly weighing whether U.S. military contractors should be permitted to be deployed to Ukraine.

‘Nonbinary Service Member’ Policies Necessary for Military ‘Readiness’: Pentagon Official

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks declared that policies directed toward “nonbinary service members” are necessary for national security.

Renewed Mask Bans Stir Controversy Over Civil Liberties

Law enforcement and state legislators are bringing back to life long-dormant rules that make mask wearing illegal. Republican lawmakers in North Carolina plan to override...

U.K. Taxpayer-Funded Research to Assess ‘Political Nature’ of Milk

The Arts and Humanities Research Council in Great Britain is using taxpayer dollars to fund research to assess whether milk has a "political nature."

16 States Affected by East Palestine Train Derailment

A recent study revealed that the damages caused by the 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, have contaminated areas across 16 states.

State Bans on Transgender Healthcare Challenged by Biden Administration in Supreme Court

The Biden administration filed an appeal on Monday, attempting to stop state prohibitions on gender-affirming healthcare. As a result, the Supreme Court decided to...

Previously Censored Paper Finds Majority of Deaths Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine: Autopsy Data

A previously censored scientific paper found that the COVID-19 vaccines are behind a vast number of deaths.

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