Hate Crimes

Colorado Man Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime After Torching Lutheran Church

Colorado resident Darion Ray Sexton pleaded guilty to a hate crime charge in connection with setting fire to a church in Loveland, Colorado in January.

Senator Hawley Calls for DOJ Investigation into Nashville School Shooting as a Hate Crime

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is calling for a Department of Justice investigation into the Nashville school shooting as a hate crime against Christians, citing federal law and urging the FBI and DHS to deploy all necessary resources to hold those accountable for the shooting.

Israel Introduces Bill Banning the Gospel: ‘Prohibition of Solicitation for Religious Conversion’

Engaging in any Christian discussion may be punishable by one-year imprisonment.

Exposed Campus Hate Crime Hoaxes

Since the beginning of 2023, 7 falsified college hate crimes have been reported.

Biden Stumbles While Boarding Air Force One in Poland

It remains unclear what caused the incident.

Bishop Investigated for ‘Hate Crimes’ After Condemning Sexualization of Children

West Midlands Police in the UK launched an investigation into Church of England bishop Sam Margrave for "an alleged online hate crime" after he condemned the LGBT ideology.

Democrat Proposes Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Crime

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced legislation that would make criticism from white people against minorities a federal crime.

97% Of Hate Crimes Against Jews Were Committed by Other Minorities

A report by Americans Against Antisemitism (AAA) revealed that minorities committed 97% of the anti-Jewish hate crimes in New York between 2018-2022.

Attacks on American Churches Have Increased 174 Percent Since 2018

The number of documented attacks on churches has steadily increased in recent months and years, with a dramatic uptick in 2022 in abortion-related vandalism related to the U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, according to a landmark new report.

Over 400 Hostile Acts Against U.S. Churches Since 2018; At Least 57 Tied to Abortion in 2022

At least 420 acts of hostility against churches occurred in the United States over the past five years, while 57 of those hostile acts between January and September 2022 have been related to abortion, an analysis suggests.

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