New Rules Set to Increase Fees and Environmental Standards for Oil and Gas Operators on Federal Lands

President Joe Biden's administration on Friday implemented a series of reforms aimed at enhancing returns and mitigating environmental damage from oil and gas drilling...

Animal Advocacy Groups Denounce Federal Plan to Cull Barred Owls, Protect Spotted Owl Population

A federal plan to reduce the population of barred owls in an effort to protect the declining northern spotted owl population has drawn criticism...

CIA Reported Numerous Employees to Ethics Office Over Conflicts of Interest

Files reviewed by the Daily Caller revealed that the CIA reported numerous employees to the Department of Justice's (DOJ) ethics office over possible conflicts of interest.

William Penn Statue to Be Removed, Replaced with ‘Native American History’

Joe Biden's National Park Service under Interior Secretary Deb Haaland will remove the statue of William Penn.

Biden’s Interior Secretary Receives Ethics Complaint Over Potential ‘Conflicts of Interest’ Related To Oil Leasing Ban

Government watchdog group "Protect the Public's Trust" (PPT) filed an ethics complaint against the Biden administration's Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, raising questions about her "impartiality" to implement an oil leasing ban in New Mexico.

Biden Approves Major Alaska Oil Project Despite Environmental Criticism

The Biden administration has approved ConocoPhillips' Willow oil project in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, allowing the company to establish three drill sites initially and generating controversy from environmentalists who argue that it breaks Biden's campaign promise to stop new oil drilling on public lands.

Biden Announces 20-Year Ban on Mining in Minnesota, Undermining Nation’s Mineral Security

The Biden administration has announced that it will impose a 20-year mining moratorium on thousands of acres of land in Minnesota by citing the need to protect the natural environment, potentially dealing a blow to Twin Metals, a major mining firm with interests in the region.

Watchdog Files Inspector General Complaint Over Possible Ethics Violation Involving ANWR Leasing Plan in Joe Biden’s Interior Department

A nonpartisan government watchdog filed a complaint with the Inspector General (IG) on Tuesday, alleging a possible ethics violation involving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) leasing...

ESG Energy Crisis: U.S. Added Just One Oil Rig This Week

The United States added just one oil rig this week amid renewed pressure from climate change activists on investors to deny capital to fossil fuel producers.

Us Resumes Oil, Gas Drilling on Federal Lands, With Increased Oil Royalty Rate

The Biden administration on Friday said it has resumed plans to facilitate oil and gas drilling on federal lands, but that it would offer...

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