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60% of Republicans Want Trump to Seek Another Term; Only 37% of Dems Want Biden to

Republicans are far more enthusiastic about former President Donald Trump running again for the White House in 2024 than Democrats are about President Joe Biden seeking a second term, according to the December I&I/TIPP Poll released on Tuesday.

Trump’s MAGA Out-Raises Other Republicans, $100 Million War Chest

President Donald J. Trump raised more than $56 million online in early 2021, ending June with nearly $102 million in cash on hand.

Allen West Declares Candidacy For Texas Governor, Will Challenge Abbott For GOP Nomination

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West announced his candidacy to become Governor of Texas this morning in a 7-minute video that detailed his history, celebrated the heroes of the Texas Revolution, and using comparisons to the Alamo, urged Texans to join him on the “right” side of the “line in the stand” with their vote.

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