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‘His Only Son’ Brings in $11 Million at Domestic Box Office

Christian film portraying Abraham and Isaac, "His Only Son," earned $11 million at the domestic box office.

Man Kills Himself After AI Chatbot Suggested Death Would Help Save Planet

A Belgian man committed suicide following exchanges with an AI chatbot known as Eliza.

James O’Keefe Debuts First Investigation With New Media Group, Exposes Democrat Money Laundering Scheme In Elections

Investigative journalist James O'Keefe released a video Tuesday from a probe discovering money laundering by the Democrat Party into Political Campaigns.

Earthing Might Have Therapeutic Effect on COVID-19, 2 Simple Ways to Do It

The term “earthing” refers to making direct contact between the human body and the Earth, allowing the body to absorb the Earth’s energy.

Native American Tribe Blocking Wisconsin Families In Homes Has Millions In Government Aid

The Native American tribe barricading dozens of Wisconsin families in their homes over a legal dispute regarding road infrastructure has accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

Kari Lake Claims She Was Bribed To Stay Out Of Politics For Two Years

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake of Arizona alleged Saturday that she was offered a bribe to stay out of politics for two years.

A Pro-life Activist Called Abortion Advocacy Groups ‘Criminal Organizations.’ A Texas Court Ruled It Was Protected Speech.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that comments made by a pro-life activist, in which he called several pro-abortion organizations “criminal,” are protected speech under the First Amendment.

CCP Dominates Market on Minerals Used for Electric Vehicles

Minerals used for electric car batteries are now primarily held by China.

Gov. Gavin Newsom To Spend Nearly $1 Billion On Housing For Homeless With Drug Addictions, Mental Illness

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced this week the availability of $907 million in funding to provide short and mid-term residential options for homeless Californians with drug addiction and serious mental illness.

California Democrats Move to Ban Uses of Police K9s, Citing Racism

California Democrats and activists are working to outlaw multiple uses of police K-9s in the state, citing claims of present and historical racism.

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