Swiss, German Newspapers Link Nord Stream Explosion to Ukraine

Following the explosions on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022, investigators are making new headway with two leads pointing to Ukraine, as reported by Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger and Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Germany Suspects Climate Protester Group Is a ‘Criminal Organization’

Germany's Potsdam Regional Court has decided the Letzte Generation, or Last Generation, may be a "criminal organization."

Zelensky Allegedly Planned to ‘Blow Up’ Pipeline Crucial to Hungary

The information came from the recent Discord leaks.

‘Mohammed’ Most Popular Name for Newborns in Berlin

The Muslim name of Mohammed has replaced Noah and Adam as the most popular first name for newborns in Berlin, Germany.

Russian President Condemns Ideologies of Superiority as ‘Disgusting, Criminal, and Deadly’

According to Putin, Western "globalist" elites "still talk about their exclusivity, put people against each other and divide society, provoke bloody conflicts and coups" and "sow hatred."

Chinese Cybersecurity Entities Accuse CIA of Orchestrating Color Revolutions Globally

The Chinese report also claims that the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity firm 360 have discovered Trojan horse programs or plug-ins related to the CIA in recent cyberattacks targeting China.

Document Shows Florida National Guard Is Training Ukrainian Military

Task Force Gator "arrived in Yavoriv, Ukraine to assume the JMTG-U mission," according to a document from Florida's Department of Military Affairs.

Second American Killed in Sudan After Failure to Evacuate Citizens

A second American citizen died in Sudan following violence between two generals.

U.S. Military Conducts Evacuation Operation in Sudan Amid Deteriorating Security Situation

U.S. forces will remain stationed in Djibouti to protect American personnel and others until the security situation improves.

Underwater Drones Suspected in Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage: Danish Navy Veteran

Likely carried out by "sophisticated naval forces."

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