Federal Prosecutors Probe Short Sellers’ ‘Spoofing’ and ‘Scalping’

Federal prosecutors are investigating if short-sellers conspired to drive down stock prices by sharing "damaging" research reports ahead of time and engaging in illegal trading tactics, The Wall Street Journal reports Wednesday.

Trump Social Media Stock $DWAC SOARS, Up Over 190% Trading Halted Multiple Times This Morning

Traders temporarily paused trading in the stock of SPAC business Digital World Acquisition Corp. on Thursday after its price surged on abnormally large trading volume following reports of a merger that would establish former President Donald Trump’s proposed social media platform.

GameStop’s retail investors are waiting to be bullish about Wednesday’s earnings report

As was the case in March, GameStop’s results are likely to have less of an impact on how the stock is traded.

GameStop Up 13% More As ‘Reddit Army’ Bets On Sales Turnaround

“Meme” stock-in-chief GameStop jumped another 13% in value on Friday, building on a surge since results earlier this week that showed online sales improving and a much-hyped management reshuffle gathering pace.

GameStop shares soar more than 20%, on track for fifth day of gains

(Reuters) - Shares of GameStop jumped on Tuesday for the fifth straight day, as the meme stock rally that began earlier this year got...

GameStop Frenzy Emboldens Supporters of Stock-Trading Tax

Proponents say tax could help fund infrastructure programs, while Wall Street groups contend it would hurt investors.

GameStop, other ‘meme’ stocks surge again

The video game retailer’s resurgence comes one month after its frenzied rise shocked the financial world and was cheered on by online investors.

Man Group Has a Message for Reddit Rookies: We’re Watching You

The world’s largest publicly-listed hedge fund has decided that the Reddit mob is now too influential to be ignored.

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