Mayor Invites Pro-LGBTQ Group ‘Sisters of Indulgence’ to Anaheim Angels ‘Pride Night’ on June 7: Local Pastor Pushes Back, Rallies Community to Action

"I promise you that this Sunday, I will inform our congregation and mobilize them to boycott Angels games and do everything they can to stop this immoral action in our city," says local pastor.

Democrat Joe Manchin Blasts President Biden, Praises Speaker McCarthy

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted Joe Biden recently, saying it has been months since he's worked with Republican leaders.

Hillary Clinton Says Republicans Are ‘Playing Into the Hands’ of Russia, China

Hillary Clinton criticizes House Republicans for using the debt ceiling as a political weapon, warning that it undermines the U.S.'s global credibility and plays into the hands of adversaries like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and warns of the potential danger of playing games with the debt ceiling to the U.S. dollar's pre-eminent position in the global economy.

God Bless Texas: Texas Senate Passes Bill to Display Ten Commandments in Public Schools

"Religious liberty was a bedrock of America's founding."

Nike Sponsors ‘Queer Youth Field Day’ After Transgender Partnership Controversy 

The athletic company Nike has decided to sponsor a “Queer Youth Field Day” after the corporation did a collaboration with controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to promote women’s apparel.

U.S. Air Force National Guard Member Accused of Leaking Classified Documents Appears in Court

Convictions for willful transmission of national defense information carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Oversight Committee Subpoenas Banks For Biden Family Associates’ Financial Records

The House Oversight Committee reportedly issued subpoenas to several banks to obtain financial records of some of the Biden family’s associates.

House Oversight Committee Issues Subpoenas for Biden Family Financial Records from Major Banks

The House Oversight Committee led by Republican Chairman James Comer has issued subpoenas to several major banks requesting financial records belonging to the Biden family, while Democrats on the committee have accused Comer of withholding information and playing political games.

Man Takes Hostage and Kills One at California Park after Wounding Officer

The tragic incident occurred in the early afternoon when families were playing at nearby baseball fields and children attending camp.

Two High-Profile Soccer Players Collapse On Field In The Last Week

Two high-profile soccer players have collapsed during games after suffering cardiac arrest over the past week.

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