Christian Nationalism? – American Minute with Bill Federer

There is a controversial new label the mainstream media is using, Christian nationalism? What is it? To answer that, there are three points to consider: The first...

Former FDA Employees Went to Work for Moderna

Two former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees overseeing COVID-19 vaccines went to work for Moderna, according to an investigation from the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Church Attendance Declines Across Most U.S. Groups

New data from Gallup revealed that church attendance has declined across most religious groups in the United States.

‘Minority Stress’ Among LGBTQ Leads to Cancer, Study Claims

The American Cancer Society (ACS) published a study claiming that "minority stress" affecting LGBTQ individuals increases their propensity to develop cancer.

United States Hits All-Time Low in World Happiness Ranking

The United States dropped to its lowest-ever ranking in this year's World Happiness Report, with a distinctive generational trend emerging as a significant factor. Released...

Number of LGBTQ Americans Surges

The number of Americans identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer has continued to rise over the last several years, according to a poll from Gallup.

Trump Excludes Some as Potential Running Mates, Hints at Conservative VP Pick

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 election, indicated on Wednesday that he has excluded certain individuals he deemed unfit...

President Biden’s Third-Year Job Approval Worst From Any President Since Jimmy Carter

According to new polling data from Gallup, President Joe Biden’s approval numbers for his third year in office were the worst among every president since Jimmy Carter.

Over Half of Black Americans Support Affirmative Action Ban

A new Gallup poll found that 52% of black Americans support the U.S. Supreme Court's ban on affirmative action.

Record-Low Number of Americans Identify as Democrat

A new Gallup survey found that Americans are continuing to abandon the Democratic Party.

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