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Franklin Graham Requests Prayer for Biden’s Recovery ‘The Bible Instructs Us’ to Pray for Leaders

Evangelist Franklin Graham is urging Christians to pray for the healing of President Biden in light of his diagnosis with Covid-19, saying the Bible instructs believers to pray for their leaders.

Franklin Graham: July 4 Mirrors Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross

The Rev. Franklin Graham has compared the blood and sacrifice needed for America to achieve its Independence Day to the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross, and called upon Americans to consider both on July 4th.

Court Suspends Biden’s ‘Sex-Change’ Surgery Mandate

A federal judge has ordered a suspension – at least for the short-term – of Joe Biden's agenda that would require employers and health care providers to pay for – and for surgeons to perform – "sex-change" surgeries that end up mutilating the healthy body parts of children.

HHS Chief: Taxpayers Should Fund Surgically Removing Kids’ Genitals

The Joe Biden administration in Washington is so committed to the transgender ideology, including the surgical procedures that mutilate the body parts of children and leave them permanently sterile, that his spokeswoman has threatened those who oppose it.

Franklin Graham Said Disney Has Gone Too Far With Their Liberal Agenda

Rev. Franklin Graham, CEO and president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said that Disney is moving away from its mission of "wholesome family entertainment."

Recent Poll Finds That Almost 70% Of Americans Now Less Likely to Do Business With Disney

Poll of likely voters finds respondents take exception to the company's pro-LTBTQ agenda for kids.

Alabama Governor Signs Two ‘Common Sense’ Transgender Bills

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed two gender-related bills April 8 aimed at protecting youths.

Churches Near Ukraine’s Border Shelter Refugees as 1 Million Flee Russian Invasion

Churches in countries neighboring Ukraine have opened their doors to shelter and aid refugees as the United Nations refugee agency estimated Thursday that 1 million people have fled the Eastern European nation since the beginning of Russia's invasion last week. 

Bible Museum Portrays Jesus as ‘Queen’ of Heaven

Bible museum in Germany stages LGBTQ-themed exhibit, promotes transgender ideology proclaiming to all: "You are good as you are."

Yet Another Canadian Pastor Jailed for Holding Outdoor Worship: ‘We’re Fighting Against Spiritual Wickedness’

A Canadian pastor, who was arrested last week for reportedly violating COVID-19 health orders, spent an extra night in jail after police said he wouldn't be released unless he agreed to stop preaching in church.

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