Time Magazine Says Exercise Is Influenced by ‘White Supremacy’

Time Magazine's website published an article recently explaining how exercise is rooted in "White Supremacy."

Why We Still Need to Remember Pearl Harbor

The price of freedom, peace, and prosperity is an authentic posture of eternal vigilance.

Mask-erade: Joe Biden Pals Around Maskless at Congressional Baseball Game

President Joe Biden abandoned his mask during the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday as he attended the annual Congressional Baseball Game.

Biden Forgets to Name Third Reason Why He Ran for Presidency, Claims He ‘Drove’ 18-Wheeler Once

The Democratic president is well known for his frequent gaffes, especially during off-the-cuff speeches, prompting his political rivals to raise questions about his mental capability to hold the nation's highest post.

Clueless Joe Biden Forgets He’s LIVE On Air for 30 Seconds

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