Trump’s Truth Social Files Lawsuit Against The Washington Post

Former President Trump's "Truth Social" has filed a $3.78 billion defamation lawsuit against newspaper The Washington Post.

FBI Conducted Improper Surveillance More Than 278,000 Times in 2021

An unsealed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court filing revealed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) improperly surveilled American citizens over 278,000 times throughout 2021.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Foundation’s Revenues Plummet 88%

Faces $10 million lawsuit over lavish spending scandal.

Biola’s Talbot Seminary: New Theology Dean Endorses ‘Woke’ Notion of ‘White Fragility’

Stetzer has defined 'white fragility' as "how quickly white people respond with anger and defensiveness in conversations about race."

Ep. 23 Interview with Floyd Brown

Floyd Gregory Brown is an American author, speaker, and media commentator. He is formerly the CEO of USA Radio Network. Brown founded the conservative website Western Journalism in 2008.

Lawrence Jones to Temporarily Replace Tucker Carlson

Jones will step into the recently vacated 8 p.m. slot on Fox News.

60 Million Firearms Sold In Two Year Period During COVID Pandemic

According to a report from The Trace, one-fifth of U.S. households purchased guns during the COVID pandemic, resulting in more than 15 million Americans keeping firearms in their homes for the first time.

Black Lives Matter Activists Executed a Shocking $83 Billion Shakedown of American Corporations

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots of 2020 were the largest and most successful shakedown in American history.

Democratic San Francisco Supervisor Begs For More Police After Voting to Defund Them in 2020

A San Francisco district supervisor is calling for more policing in the crime-ridden city – despite advocating to defund the police in 2020.

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