Who Waited Two Years to Admit COVID-19 Is Airborne — But Why?

The World Health Organization is supposed to be an "expert" when it comes to protecting public health, but it was clueless when it came to letting the public know how SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted.

Half of Beijing Reportedly Infected, Residents Hoarding Food, Fear Prolonged Lockdown

Infections have been reportedly found in half of Beijing residents, China’s capital city, a possible signal to accelerate its zero-COVID containment pace and lockdown like Shanghai. Local residents are scrambling to hoard food and supplies in fear of starving during the impending lockdown.

Dems Question Dianne Feinstein’s Mental Fitness to Serve, Cite Recent Interactions

Colleagues have to reintroduce themselves to Feinstein multiple times during interactions that last several hours.

Army Approves Reduced Physical Fitness Standards for Women, Older Soldiers

Following a three-year review, the Army has scrapped plans to use the same physical fitness test for all soldiers.

Zelenskyy Warns Not to Say Ukraine’s Army Does Not Meet N.A.T.O. Standards

Ukrainian President Zelensky's Thursday address stated in no uncertain terms that their lack of entrance into NATO had nothing to do with the status of their army.

MSNBC Compares Physically Fit Men to Nazis

A recent column published by MSNBC accused physically fit men of being fascists. The article specifically focused on those involved in weightlifting and mixed martial arts training, accusing them of practicing “fascist fitness.”

U.S. Army Surgeon in Tears: Top Brass Ordered Silence on Vaccine Injuries

'I am watching people get absolutely destroyed'

California Army National Guard Commander on Ukraine: We Must Stand Ready

The California Army National Guard commander on Sunday sent a memorandum to soldiers serving in the California Army National Guard — which is partnered with Ukrainian forces under the State Partnership Program — asking them to “stand ready.”

Only 36 Percent of Voters Say Joe Biden Fit Enough to Lead Nation

Only 36 percent of voters say President Joe Biden is fit enough to lead the nation, a Sunday Harvard/Harris poll revealed.

Christian Doctor Challenging Order Banning Him From Saving Babies’ Lives to Have Case Heard at High Court

A High Court in the U.K. is scheduled to hear the case of a Christian doctor who has been banned from providing life-saving treatment for unborn babies. The doctor is asking the court to revoke the order by the medical regulator.

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