Study Reveals COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mandates Did Not Affect Number of Deaths

The study suggested mandates may have prevented infection, but not death.

‘Cartels Will Own Every Inch of the Border’: Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz admitted to Congress that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not have operational control of the southern border.

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Loses Half His Audience Following Tucker Carlson Ouster

With only 1.3 million total viewers, Hannity's show has lost half of its audience in the span of three weeks.

Fox News Ratings Plunge 59% Post-Carlson Firing as Newsmax Surges

By Wednesday, the viewership had plummeted to a mere 1.3 million, representing a staggering 59% drop from Carlson's average ratings.

Biden Is Running for President in 2024

He's asking Americans to let him "finish this job."

Elon Musk Mocks Celebrities Angry Over New Twitter Verification Rules

Twitter CEO Elon Musk mocked celebrities including Alyssa Milano who had melt downs over the changes in identity verification on Twitter.

Human Smuggler’s Truck Bursts Into Flames After Crash On Texas Border

Law enforcement authorities stopped a human smuggling attempt to transport a group of migrants across the Texas border in a utility truck.

Missouri Attorney General Issues Emergency Regulation Prohibiting Experimental Gender Transition Interventions

"As Attorney General, I will protect children and enforce the laws as written, which includes upholding state law on experimental gender transition interventions," said AG Bailey.

Oregon Public Schools Lose Nearly 30,000 Students, Switch to Private Education

Since the 2020 pandemic, almost 30,000 students left the Oregon public school system, 5% of its enrollment.

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