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University of North Carolina Requests Judge Block Release of Gain-of-Function Documents

Baric is known for placing new genetic information in viruses without leaving evidence, making coronavirus more threatening.

Newly surfaced emails show Fauci’s agency gave grants for bat coronavirus research to US-Chinese scientists; Wuhan lab scrambled to find disinfectant

Newly surfaced emails show connections among a U.S. health agency headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, and Chinese scientists. The recently exposed documents also show that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were scrambling to find disinfectant and asked a National Institutes of Health official for help.

Rand Paul to Newsmax: No Response From NIH, HHS on COVID Information

Republican senators have not gotten a response yet to their letter to Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) demanding documents concerning their handling of the coronavirus pandemic following the release of a trove of Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails, Sen. Rand Paul tells Newsmax.

Biden Still Refuses To Reopen COVID-19 Investigation After Fauci Emails; ACLJ Files FOIA Demanding All Records, Including Funding for Wuhan Institute

As more signs continue to appear that would seemingly point to the COVID-19 virus beginning in a laboratory in China as opposed to a wet market, President Biden seems intent on burying the investigation into its origins.

Fauci’s Mask Flip-Flop, Explained (by Economics)

What might prompt Dr. Fauci to change his medical opinion on masks? The answer can be found in basic economics.

Biden Says He is ‘Confident’ in Fauci After Bombshell Email Scandal

President Joe Biden publicly backed Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is embroiled in an email scandal, on Friday morning.

CNN’s Take on the Fauci Emails Is REALLY Disturbing

While most of us who have read the bombshell FOIA emails from Dr. Fauci believe they prove he wasn’t telling Americans the truth, the so-called journalists at CNN had a much different take on what the emails revealed.

Trump Likely Trading in Hillary for Dr. Fauci as New Rally Enemy

Dr. Anthony Fauci will likely become former President Donald Trump's new target in his upcoming rallies, with attacks against the famed immunologist already growing after a trove of his emails were published in recent days.

Fauci vehemently denied being ‘muzzled’ by Trump early during the pandemic, emails show

Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly denied that he was being "muzzled" or "censored" by the Trump administration early on during the coronavirus pandemic, a trove of newly released emails show.

White House balks on addressing Fauci emails

The White House steered clear of the controversy surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci’s newly unearthed emails, which show the nation's top virologist's behind-the-scenes communications did not always match his public statements on COVID-19.

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