Volleyball Player Concussed, Knocked Out For Season By Transgender Player

A California father has come forward to announce his daughter was seriously injured by a biological male transgender player.

Illegal Immigrants Leave New York City, Chicago: ‘There’s Nothing Here for Us’

A group of migrants have refused to stay at a New York City shelter, demanding better accommodations.

House Passes Bipartisan Bill Imposes Sanctions on Ports Processing Iranian Oil

In a bipartisan vote, the GOP House passed a bill that imposes new sanctions on ports and refineries that process oil from Iran.

Trans High School Runner Scores 5th Place in Girls’ Race

A male-to-female transgender runner completed a girls' race in 5th place.

Case Dismissed Against Abortionist Who Ran Over Pro-Life Man

Abortionist Theodore Roumell previously threatened pro-life activists.

Australian Bank Begins Digital-Only Transactions

Australia's fifth-largest bank, Macquarie Bank, is beginning the transition to digital-only transactions.

Military Gold Star Mother Condemns Biden for Saying Beau Was Brought Home: ‘How Could Someone Be So Heartless’

A military gold star mother testified in front of Congress that Joe Biden told her the lie he has repeated numerous times, that Beau Biden was "brought home" after military service.

California DMV Tests Digital Driver’s Licenses Amid Data Security Concerns

Approximately 2,000 drivers are participating in this pilot program, with the expectation to "actively use it and provide feedback."

Brown University Students Identifying as LGBTQ+ More Than Doubles Since 2010

A student newspaper reported that students identifying as bisexual increased by 232%.

Over 130 Nations, Representing 98% of Global GDP, Contemplate Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Amid Privacy, Government Control Concerns

"By tracking every financial transaction, they will have access to every detail of our spending, the recipient of our money, and how we allocate our resources. In essence, it replicates George Orwell’s dystopian society depicted in 1984," critics have argued.

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