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Facebook’s CCP-Linked ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Now Censoring Stories Critical Of Zuckerberg-Funded Wuhan Lab Partners

A so-called “fact-checking” outlet partnered with both Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party-linked TikTok app – has launched a campaign to defend Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator Ralph Baric after The National Pulse unearthed his 2018 remarks outlining how to “make money” from pandemics.

Facebook is suppressing ‘facts’ that are flagged as promoting ‘vaccine hesitancy’, whistleblowers claim

Facebook is taking aggressive steps to sideline any content, including factual material, critical of Covid-19 vaccines, two insiders have revealed to Project Veritas. The tech giant claims the policy was publicly announced.

Unscripted Biden Makes Such a Bad Blunder, CNN Reporter Has to Fact-Check Him in Middle of Speech

During the presidential address to Congress on Wednesday, Joe Biden claimed he has “traveled over 17,000 miles” with President Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party.

FACT CHECK: Biden Claims He Didn’t Invite Migrants To The U.S. Border… He Actually Told Them To “Surge” There.

In George Stephanopoulos’s very short interview with President Joe Biden – billed as “extensive,” “expansive,” and “wide-ranging” – the president denied the situation at the border, took a swipe at Americans who don’t “listen,” and bragged on his macho encounter with Vladimir Putin.

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