Face Masks

Study Links Wearing Face Masks to Pregnancy Complications

Masks create a "dead space" trapping carbon dioxide, posing health risks.

Health Officials Acknowledge ‘No Evidence’ to Support Masks Protecting Vulnerable Against COVID-19

"[T]he fact that the studies that do exist (including our own late addition) fail to show convincing evidence of benefit from masking suggests that, if there is a benefit, it is a rather modest one, i.e. masks may reduce the risk slightly but do not guarantee you won’t get infected," said Dr. Breathnach.

New York City Authorities Now Urging Ban on Face Masks Inside Shops After Brutal Killing of Bodega Worker

Authorities in New York City are calling for an end to the use of face masks inside delis after a bodega worker was killed by a masked assailant, leading to a reversal of the city's earlier COVID-era mask mandates.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says City May Need Vax Mandates Again

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) defended the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for city workers that is being rescinded.

The Masking Debate Is Settled

What is the Cochran Library?

Boston Medical Center Denies HIV-Positive Patient Life-Saving Care Over Face Mask Dispute

While most of the country has moved on from the Covid histrionics of the past three years, some states and medical wards still refuse to live with the virus — and patients in need of life-saving treatments are paying the price.

Appeals Court Upholds Ban On Vaccine Mandate in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee

"The Sixth Circuit’s decision is a resounding victory against unlawful federal overreach into the personal medical decisions of Kentuckians," says Kentucky AG.

UK, France Add Chinese Travel Restrictions

Spain, England, and France are adding stricter Covid-19 restrictions for travelers coming from China.

Make Way for the Killer Robots: The Government Is Expanding Its Power to Kill

“Crush! Kill! Destroy!”—The Robot, Lost in Space

A Big Picture Look at the Disastrous Public Health Response to COVID-19

An underlying principle of public health is, or was, to provide the public with accurate information so that they can make good health choices for themselves and their community.

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