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Students, Staff In Philadelphia School District Will Need To Mask For First 10 Days Of School

Students and staff in the School District of Philadelphia will be required to wear face masks for the first 10 days of the upcoming school year.

World Economic Forum Pushes Mask-Wearing Again: ‘Treat Face Masks Like Umbrellas’

Also pushing COVID vaccines made by corporations who fund the Forum.

4x-Vaxxed, Mask-Promoting German Health Minister Has COVID

Still urging others to get vaccinated and boosted.

Former Disney Employees Sue for Religious Discrimination

Three former employees refused to wear face masks or get COVID vaccines due to religious beliefs.

Biden’s CDC: Put the Masks Back on for Monkeypox

Joe Biden’s CDC announced Monday that Americans traveling should be wearing face masks because Monkeypox.

Missouri State Senate Votes to Pass Bill Requiring Voters Show ID at Polls

Missouri State Senate voted Monday to pass legislation requiring a photo ID in order to vote.

MSNBC Guest Tells Travelers to Keep Wearing Masks, Bring Extras for Other Passengers

An MSNBC guest ridiculously encouraged airline passengers to continue wearing masks and bring extras for fellow travelers, despite most airlines dropping the federal mask mandate.

Trains, Airlines Drop Mask Requirement Immediately Following Court Order

Amtrack, United, Delta, and several other airlines all made masks optional following the federal judge's ruling.

How Dangerous Are Masks for Children?

Our public health agencies such as the CDC and NIH, and television medical experts seem unable to address key health messages that could have a dramatic effect in reducing risk of severe sequelae in higher-risk populations such as the minority and African-American population to the scourge of SARS-CoV-2.

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