Childhood Vaccine Exemptions at Record High: CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that revealed an increase in childhood vaccine exemptions.

Biden HHS Mandates Employee Speech, Forces Use of Chosen Pronouns

“All employees should be addressed [by] the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves.”

Missouri Transgender Center Shut Down After SAFE Act Takes Effect

The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has shut down its gender-transition operations for minors.

Gun Sales in August 2023 Surpass 1.1 Million Amid Ongoing Demand

Last month was "the fifth-highest August on record in terms of federal background checks for gun transfers since the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System was established 25 years ago."

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Challenging Maine Governor’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Healthcare workers fight for religious exemptions and Title VII protection.

NYPD to Deploy Drones Over Private Backyard Gatherings: Privacy Advocates Raise Alarms

The decision comes in the wake of mounting complaints about such gatherings.

California Bill Could Criminalize Parents Protesting School Board Meetings

A new bill introduced in California would criminalize "substantial disorder," by parents protesting at school board meetings.

Southwest Airlines to Undergo Religious Freedom Training After Lawsuit

The ruling is the latest development in a 10-year battle.

District Board Overseeing Disney World Eliminates DEI Programs

"The district’s DEI committee will be dissolved and any DEI job duties will be eliminated," reads a press release.

Moscow, Idaho Reaches Settlement With Christians Arrested for Not Wearing Masks at Outdoor Church Event

One man said the event represents a "microcosm" of a nationwide problem.

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