BlackRock: Globalist Company that Owns All Other Companies Vows to ‘Drive Global Energy Transition’

World's largest asset manager brags about its "ability to convene companies, governments and institutional clients."

‘Rock the Woke’ Campaign Lists ‘Woke’ Companies to Boycott

"It’s time for companies like Disney to realize that if they go woke, they will go broke. We encourage all consumers to boycott Disney and the companies they own in order to send a message that they should stay out of culture wars and focus on entertainment."

The Right’s Solution To Wall Street’s Woke Capital Is Dreadful

Woke capital is perhaps the least visible and most dangerous iteration of wokeness that has pervaded the nation’s institutions, and the right has a daring strategy to take it on — do the same thing that has failed time after time against Big Tech.

Retired Federal Agent In Texas May Have Known In Advance Of Buffalo Mass Shooting

Authorities believe a retired federal agent from Texas may have known about the Buffalo mass shooter’s evil plan a half-hour in advance, according to a bombshell report.

‘Should’ve Been Lincoln’d’: Penn State Prof. Called for Trump, Shapiro, Peterson to be Assassinated

A Penn State associate professor reportedly called for the deaths of prominent right-wing voices, including President Trump, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Promotes Environmentalist ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ in Annual Letter to CEOs

CEO of world's largest financial asset manager promotes World Economic Forum's "stakeholder capitalism."

Conservatives warned to shun members of the ‘eco-Right’

'You have nothing to gain and everything to lose'

United Airlines Purchases 100 New Electric Planes For Regional Flights

United Airlines' move to reduce emissions has landed it with the plan to purchase 100 small electric passenger planes that will one day be used for regional flights. United has an ambitious net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal by 2050.

Can Solar Energy Actually Compete in a Free Market? One Energy CEO’s Surprising Answer

DEPCOM Power CEO Johnnie Taul explains why the free market future of solar energy is so bright.

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