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Gas Prices Drop for 4th of July

Current national average gas price still 35% above the figure at the close of the Trump administration in 2019.

New York State Prepares to Ban Natural Gas Hookups in New Construction

Under the budget deal, the ban on natural gas hookups will commence in 2025 for small buildings and in 2028 for large buildings.

Biden Admin Reveals New Restrictions On Air Conditioners

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm unveiled new climate and efficiency restrictions on air conditioners despite widespread criticism the Biden administration received after officials recently announced restrictions on gas stoves.

Green Energy Failed to Meet Demand During Winter Storm

Renewable energy sources, including wind turbines and solar panels, struggle to meet elevated energy demand during Christmas Eve snowstorms in the northeastern US and Texas, forcing utilities to burn fossil fuels to prevent power outages.

As White House Drains Oil Reserve to Near-40-Year Lows, Biden Asks For $500M To Modernize System

Biden administration has been withdrawing huge amounts of oil as gas prices have spiked.

Biden’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Will Wreck Christmas for Most Americans

Remember the good ole days… way back in 2020… when the United States was an exporter of energy and the price of gas was $2.17 per gallon?

Diesel Market to Stay Tight Into Winter: Chevron Chairman

The diesel market will stay tight into the winter, Chevron Chairman and CEO Michael Wirth warned.

Biden Announces Release of More Oil From Strategic Reserve Ahead of Midterms

The White House announced on Tuesday that President Joe Biden would release 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Americans to Pay $930 for Natural Gas This Winter: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Americans across the country will be paying more for natural gas this winter season, according to a report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Americans’ Heating Bills Expected to Soar This Winter

American families will pay far more to heat their homes this winter, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), which predicts that some people will see bills as much as 28 percent higher compared to last winter, with the grim outlook coming as households expect inflation to rise and the economy to get worse.

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