Florida TV Journalist Fatally Shot While Reporting on Separate Shooting

A television journalist was fatally shot in Florida on Wednesday while reporting on a separate deadly shooting earlier that day. According to the Orange County...

Federal Foster Care Funds May be Used for Children’s Gender Transitions

The Biden administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) permits taxpayer dollars to be used on "personal items" supporting a child's "expression of their gender identity," according to a report by Spencer Lindquist of the Daily Wire.

Illinois School Implements ‘Gender Support Process and Plan’

A parental advocacy group has revealed documents relating to a "Gender Support Process and Plan" being put in place by an Illinois boarding school that encourages staff to keep a student's social gender transition a secret from parents. 

U.S. Birth Rate at Historic Low

U.S. birth rates dropped to their lowest levels in more than 40 years in 2023, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Federal Prison Closure Leads to Chaotic Transfers for Inmates

The closure of the women's federal prison in Dublin, California, intended to address a history of abuse and dysfunction, has instead sparked chaos and...

Colorado Turns Schools into Welfare Agencies to Accommodate Migrants

Colorado communities have transformed public schools into welfare agencies as thousands of illegal immigrant children have come into the state.

Study Finds Trans Identity in Children Merely a Phase

A fifteen-year study found that children claiming a transgender identity eventually grew out of it.

Tragedy Strikes Rockford: Four Killed, Seven Wounded in Stabbing Rampage

A 22-year-old male is in custody following a stabbing spree in Rockford, Illinois, on Wednesday afternoon, which left four people dead and seven others...

Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over Transgender Policies

Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines and 15 other female athletes have launched a lawsuit against the NCAA over its transgender policies.

California School Organized Secret LGBTQ Club

Parents have discovered that Pleasant Grove Elementary School developed a secret LGBTQ club for students.

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