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With 25,000 Mysterious Votes and Missing Documents, Maricopa’s 2022 Election Process Marked by Chaos and Uncertainty

While the GOP and conservative media have largely moved on from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and the systemic failures that occurred in Maricopa County on Nov. 8, court testimony and eyewitness reports from the Lake trial include allegations that Arizona’s largest county violated state law by failing to implement chain-of-custody documentation for Election Day ballots, resulting in a mysterious 25,000 extra votes added to Maricopa County’s official tally within a 24-hour period — more than the margin of victory between Lake and gubernatorial victor Katie Hobbs.

10.8 Million Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ in California’s 2022 Midterm Elections

Of the 22.1 million ballots that were sent out to registered voters, over 10.8 million were not accounted for.

Colorado Won’t Give Election Officials Names of 31,000 Foreign Nationals Sent Voter Registration Information

Colorado officials refuse to provide county election officials with names of foreign citizens sent voter registration information.

Thousands of Votes in 2020 Election Tied to Invalid Wisconsin Addresses

One Wisconsin watchdog election organization discovered more than 150,000 votes from the 2020 presidential election weren't tied to a valid address.

Left-Wing Tech Group Donates Half a Million to Election Offices

A Democrat-linked tech alliance will now give individual $500,000 grants to jurisdictions in future elections.

‘Human Error’ Caused Hundreds of Wrong Ballots in Nashville

Nashville election officials make errors leading hundreds to cast wrong ballots in November 2020 election.

Judge Halts California Fast-Food Law

A judge of the Sacramento Superior Court ruled Friday to block a proposed law in California that would give the state authority to negotiate the wages and working conditions of fast-food workers.

Investigator Wins Lawsuit for Access to 2020 Election Records in Pennsylvania

An investigator in Pennsylvania has been granted access to records from the 2020 election, including information from every precinct and central tabulator, after presenting evidence of anomalies encountered while voting and a discrepancy between the number of registered voters and ballots counted.

Kari Lake Vows to Take Election Case to U.S. Supreme Court

"They messed with the wrong woman," said Lake.

300,000 Ballots ‘Illegally Inserted’ Into Arizona Vote Tally: Trump Lawyer

An attorney for Donald Trump's 2024 campaign has claimed that a whistleblower from a ballot company reported that approximately 300,000 ballots were "illegally inserted" into the Maricopa County, Arizona midterm election tally.

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