Wuhan Lab Publishes Study Manipulating h7n9 Virus to Be More Lethal

A scientific journal published by top Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers shared studies appearing to engage in gain-of-function type research, a controversial method of studying pathogens that can increase their lethality.

Chief Justice Roberts Orders Investigation Into Leaked Abortion Draft Opinion

Confirms Justice Samuel Alito's draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade leaked Monday night was "authentic."

Federalist Editor Warns Warns, ‘Big Tech Will Eventually Silence Everyone Who Dissents From Their Woke Ideology’ Following Twitter Censorship Over Rachel Levine Comment

Twitter has locked the account of a senior editor at the Federalist, John Daniel Davidson, over a post in which Davidson referred to Admiral Rachel Levine as "a man."

Twitter Purge Ramps up Against Christian Satire Site for Calling Rachel Levine a Man

Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford latest to get locked out. Twitter is not hiding all tweets it flagged as "hateful," however.

Italian Newspaper Denies ‘Disinformation’ Despite Publishing Completely Misleading Front Page Photo

Editor-in-chief doubles down despite being caught red handed.

D.C.’s Foreign Policy ‘Experts’ Now Demand ‘Regime Change’ for Russia

Those supporting the establishment narratives in Eurasia are bolstering their demands for World War III.

Thomas Wiping Out Ivy League Women’s Competition

There was no way that the NCAA or the Ivy League were going to upset the LGBT applecart and disqualify so-called transgendered athletes from competing in 2022 postseason women’s swimming championships.

CDC Data Signaling Vaccine Catastrophe

It took only 32 deaths to halt 1976 shot campaign

German TV Presenter Pushes for Mandatory Vaccination – Then Collapses Live On-Air

Reporter begins mumbling unintelligibly and stares blankly, before appearing to fall over. German TV presenter's black out is similar to other fainting spells witnessed in recent weeks, with many suspecting experimental Covid jab to blame.

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