Stocks slide as Amazon weighs down tech sector

Amazon Inc.'s revenue topped $100B for third straight quarter.

Pfizer Projects $33 Billion in COVID Vaccine Revenues, Driven by Boosters and Vaccines for Kids

Pfizer hiked its projections for COVID vaccine revenues, telling investors this week it expects booster shots, a vaccine targeting the Delta variant and anticipated authorization of its vaccines for children as young as 6 months will drive revenues higher.

Thanks To Inflation, American Wages Drop By Nearly 2%

According to federal data, the average American’s wage is on the decline due to inflation.

Real Earnings Of Americans Have Declined In Every Month Of Biden Presidency

The real earnings of American workers fell for the fifth consecutive month in May as inflation erased all of the month’s wage gains and more.

Tesla, Amazon earnings and Federal Reserve decision top week ahead

President Joe Biden will also address a joint session of Congress for the first time since taking office

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