Target Faces Bleak Future as JPMorgan Downgrades Rating and Slashes Price Target by 10%

Retailer’s financial woes come after it pushed both sexualized and satanic ideology through its products and advertising.

Warner Bros Reports Big Losses After ‘Going Woke’

Company reports net loss of $1 billion and adjusted EBITDA of $2.6 billion.

Disneyland to Hold First Ever ‘Pride Nite’ in June

Disneyland announced 'Pride Nite' will be coming to the park in Anaheim, California for the first time this June.

WEF-Partnered BlackRock Passes $9 Trillion in Assets Under Management

Net inflows of financial asset manager with ownership in virtually every major corporation totaled $110 billion in first quarter.

Largest U.S. Egg Producer Sells 1% More Eggs, Revenue Increase Over 100%

Cal-Maine Foods, the largest U.S. egg producer, increased its revenue 109% while only selling 1% more eggs during the quarter ending February 25, 2023.

Disney Still Plans to Spend $30 Billion on Content While Laying Off 7,000 People

In the face of an unprecedented profitability crisis and the repeated failure of its woke content, Walt Disney Co. executives seem to have settled on a solution: double down on the woke and fire rank-and-file employees.

College Enrollment Plummets As Teens Attend Trade School Or Early Career

A new report from the Associated Press indicates that many American teens have become disillusioned with college and have opted to skip it in favor of going to trade school or working a job that does not require an undergraduate degree.

Manchin Blasts Biden ‘Radical Climate Agenda’ Over Alaska Oil Lease Sale

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) criticized the Biden administration for turning down a recommendation for an offshore oil and gas lease sale that Interior Department staff concluded would improve energy security.

Latter-Day Saints Church Fined Millions for Allegedly Using Shell Companies to Hide Assets

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon church, has been fined millions of dollars for supposedly hiding the size and scope of its actual investments, which now likely total more than $40 billion.

Musk Warns Against Dangers of Single World Government (Watch)

Elon Musk cautioned against the risk of a singular global government leading to the collapse of civilization and emphasized the need for civilizational diversity at the World Government Summit.

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