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Involving Kids in Drag-Queen Shows Is Deviance, Not Pride

A Pride Month event at a Dallas gay bar sparked massive social-media outrage over the weekend, after footage surfaced of children being invited to participate in a drag-queen show.

Pizza Hut’s Book Club Promotes Drag Queen Books to Pre-k Children

Pizza Hut's book club for young students promotes books to pre-kindergarten children about little kids dressing up as drag queens.

Project Veritas Win: Judge Orders New York Times to Return Internal Memos to Undercover Journal

NY Supreme Court, noting that "'Hit and run' journalism" is not protected, rules New York Times may have "improper" obtained PV's attorney-client memos before...

CA Governor Hopeful Jenner Admits To Dressing Up In Daughter’s Clothes

Unearthed video footage shows Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner bragging about sneaking into bedrooms and stealing the clothes of one of the then-adolescent Jenner daughters.

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