Study Calls for COVID-Era Mandates After Monkeypox Strain Exhibits ‘Pandemic Potential’

A new strain of Monkeypox has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to a preprint study.

CDC Issues Health Alert Over ‘Deadly, Fast-Spreading’ Monkeypox Strain

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health alert this week to inform health departments nationwide about the spread of a "deadly" subtype of the monkeypox virus, known as Clade I.

Cobalt Mining Required for Electric Vehicles, Most Tech Relies on Child Labor: Harvard Prof to Joe Rogan (Video)

Harvard visiting professor explains demand for cobalt, necessary for the functioning of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and electric vehicles, is obtained from Congolese mines that rely on child labor and slavery.

States to Ban Gas-Powered Cars Despite EVs’ Human, Environmental Costs

In Chile’s Salar de Atacama, locals watch helplessly as their ancestral lands wither and die, their precious water resources evaporating in briny salars.

Christian persecution: 200 Killed, 40,000 Displaced in DRC Since January

(Persecution.org) The UNHCR has reported an “alarming increase” in attacks by the terrorist group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the start of this year.

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