Durham Report Reveals Foreign Govt’s Election Influence with Clinton Campaign and Potential Illegal Contribution

If true, this would violate laws against foreign nationals making campaign contributions.

Hollywood Producer to Provide ‘All the Resources’ Necessary to Ensure Biden 2024 Victory

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg told the Financial Times that he intends to supply "all the resources" necessary to ensure Joe Biden wins re-election.

Democrat Billionaires Funding Activist Group Behind Jordan Neely Protests

Liberal billionaires have reportedly been the donating force behind the communist-linked group protesting the death of Jordan Neely.

Moderna’s CEO Made Nearly $400 Million in 2022

Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel earned nearly $400 million last year after governments around the globe forced people to get COVID vaccinations.

Child Gender Clinic Trains School Districts on How to Assist Kindergarteners in Gender Transitions

PowerPoint presentations given to teachers from Council Rock School District on assisting gender-transitioning students.

Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies in Trial Alleging Illegal Chinese Influence in Obama Campaign Donation Plan

The trial of Prakazrel "Pras" Michel and Leonardo DiCaprio's testimony highlights the connection China has with the Obama admin. and the Hollywood film industry.

Foreign National Democrat Mega-Donor Uses Berger Action Fund to Influence American Politics

The Berger Action Fund donates large sums of money primarily to the campaigns of Democrats, most of which comes from the donations of Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss.

Corporate America Has Donated Over $80 Million to BLM and Related Causes

New data show Corporate America has donated $82 billion so far to Black Lives Matter and similar causes.

Bill Would Ban ‘Vaccinated’ Donors From Giving Blood Due to ‘High-Count Spike Proteins’

A bill proposed in Montana seeks to bar people injected with Covid-19 mRNA jabs from donating to a blood bank.

Left-Wing Tech Group Sponsored by Mark Zuckerberg Will Now Offer ‘Services’ to Election Offices

A liberal group funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that donated to the 2020 presidential contest is now offering "assistance" to election offices.

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