Anti-Socialist Javier Milei Becomes President of Argentina

Economist Javier Milei was elected President of Argentina on November 19 and will take office on December 10.

Eric Trump Calls New York Civil Fraud Trial ‘An Absolute Joke’

After the second day of testimony in the ongoing New York civil fraud trial, Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, has dismissed the proceedings as an "absolute joke."

12,000 U.S. Troops en Route to Eastern Mediterranean

Over 12,000 personnel from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps have either reached or are en route to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Poll Finds Most Americans Support Border Wall

A poll from Quinnipiac University found that the majority of Americans support the construction of a wall along the southern border.

Ohio Governor Urges Citizens to Vote Against ‘Radical’ Abortion Amendment

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) urged voters to vote "no" on an abortion amendment that would "establish an individual right to one's own reproductive medical treatment, including but not limited to abortion."

7 in 10 Republicans Won’t Get COVID-19 Booster Jab: Ipsos Poll

New Ipsos poll reveals partisan divide in receiving COVID-19 booster shots.

U.S. Preference for Larger Families Hits Highest Level Since 1973: Gallup

Gallup's data reveals that "a 44% plurality of U.S. adults think having two children is best," while "45% of Americans favor larger families."

Rep. Jim Jordan Confirms Bid for Speaker of the House

"I respectfully ask for your support for Speaker of the House of Representatives," the Ohio representative said.

All GOP Presidential Candidates Unite in Refusing to Participate in Fox News’ ‘Island’ Elimination Stunt (Video)

During the Wednesday evening Fox News Republican debate, a moment of unity emerged amid the prevalent discord, as GOP candidates collectively refused to engage in a staged elimination stunt.

The Struggle with Cancel Culture and Deconstruction in America

I don't know about you, but I like the America of yesterday with all of its rich culture, diversity, free speech, and love for God and country.

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