Department of Homeland Security

Emails Reveal Biden DHS Still Knowingly Releasing COVID-Positive Border Crossers into U.S.

Internal emails at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), exclusively reviewed by Breitbart News, reveal that the agency is continuing to knowingly release COVID-positive border crossers and illegal aliens into the United States.

Disinformation Governance Board Dissolved by Homeland Security

"There is no need for a Disinformation Governance Board," said the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Biden Tries Again to Legalize Illegal Aliens Without Congressional Authorization

The Department of Homeland Security has finalized a rule that would grant legal status to 600,000 children of illegal aliens.

Catholic Group Launches $1 Million Ad Campaign Slamming Biden’s Response to Church Attacks

A Catholic advocacy group has launched a $1 million ad campaign calling on the Biden administration to condemn pro-choice activists' violent attacks and vandalism...

Biden Building $500K Taxpayer-Funded Security Fence Abound His Beach House

DHS awarded Delaware company $490,000 to build fence at Biden's home.

72% of Illegal Border Crossers Come From Countries Other Than Mexico

Gone are the days when most illegal border crossers are easy-to-return single, male Mexicans looking for work.

DHS Ending ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Migrants will be released into the United States.

Biden Signs Off on Arizona Border Wall Construction

The president previously criticized Trump for building the wall.

42 Policy Proposals Donald Trump Outlined at America First Summit in D.C.

Former President Donald J. Trump laid out 42 policy proposals at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) summit Tuesday, where he gave his first speech in Washington, DC, since leaving office.

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