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Wharton Business School Students Can Now Get A Major In Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School approved two new majors that promote left-wing social movements pushed by the Democratic Party and its donors, according to a press release from the business school.

Dems Whine Hulu Won’t Air Their Ads

Democrats may not be able to govern their way out of a paper bag, but they're champion complainers.

Earned Cash From Russian State Investment Fund

The trustee in question had donated over half a million dollars to Democratic Party causes, with money earned from Russia lobbying.

NBC’s Chuck Todd Was Amy Klobuchar’s Landlord, Didn’t Disclose During Interviews and Coverage

In 2008, shortly after becoming a U.S. senator, Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and her husband, John Bessler, began renting a house in Arlington, Virginia, from Chuck Todd, then NBC News’ political director.

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