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Poll Finds Trump Benefits From RFK Jr.’s Independent Bid

A survey from Echelon Insights found that Donald Trump has a slightly larger lead over Joe Biden with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an Independent.

Trump Says NBC News ‘Should Be Investigated’ for ‘Country Threatening Treason,’ Vows to ‘Scrutinize’ Network in 2024

In a vigorous post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump has unleashed a litany of accusations against Comcast, pointing out the "dishonest and corrupt" as well as "one-sided and vicious" coverage by NBC News, and particularly by MSNBC, which he mockingly refers to as "MSDNC (Democrat National Committee!)."

FBI Prevents Release of FOIA Requests Related to The Death of DNC Worker Seth Rich

Newly released documents reveal the FBI is preventing the release of FOIA requests relating to the murder of DNC worker Seth Rich.

Trump Family: FBI Found Nothing During Raid on Mar-A-Lago

Agents even broke into Trump's safe.

FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump says his Mar-a-Lago home has been raided by the FBI.

Roger Stone: Battleground Pennsylvania—How the Future of America Demands Dozens of PA State Legislature GOP Primaries

There is quiet combat going on in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that may very well decide the future of the United States. If the America First team loses, we are unlikely to see a Republican President ever again.

Democrat Party Leaders Prepare for Red Wave in 2022 Midterms

Democrat Party leaders are lowering their expectations for the 2022 midterms and bracing for a future wherein Republicans control both the House and Senate, according to a Politico report.

FBI Releases Documents on Investigation Into Death of Democrat National Committee Worker Seth Rich

The FBI has produced 68 pages relating to a Democrat National Committee (DNC) worker who was shot dead in 2016 in Washington, including an investigative summary that appears to suggest someone could have paid for his death.

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