Top Dem pollsters paint bleak picture for Democrats — and they have the data to prove it

Democratic pollster Doug Schoen is sounding the alarm for the Democratic Party’s 2022 midterm prospects.

NJ Dem leader refuses to concede to GOP truck driver, says thousands of ballots ‘recently found’

Democratic New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney says thousands of "recently found" ballots supports his refusal to concede to a Republican challenger who ran a low-budget campaign. 

Let Them Destroy Each Other

There’s something so satisfying about seeing liberals in a sissy slap fight with other liberals – you just want to grab up a bowl of popcorn, pop some frosty brews, and egg them on.

‘This Is a Gift to Larry Elder’: Top Dem to Campaign with Newsom Ahead of Recall

The days are winding down until California’s Sept. 14 recall election and Gov. Gavin Newsom is bringing out big-name Democrats to support him in the final stretch.

FBI Shoots Down Dem ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Was Pre-Planned

Many Democratic leaders, including - most notably - Nancy Pelosi refuse to let go of the notion that the Jan. 6 "attack" on the Capitol was a terror attack on par with 9/11 or the Pulse nightclub shootings. Why? Because, they claim, the whole seige was planned and perpetrated by shadowy militia groups like the Oath Keepers, working in concert with Republican lawmakers.

Dem Senator CONFRONTS Ted Cruz, Instantly REGRETS it

Senate Republicans Vow To Block $3.5T Dem Reconciliation Bill

in passing a massive $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package. During a press conference on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) argued the proposal isn’t in the best interests of the American people or the economy.

Vaccinated Dem Lawmakers Who Fled Texas Test Positive for COVID

Multiple Texas Democrats who fled to DC to block legislation they opposed test positive for COVID-19.

NYC Dem Primary Deals AOC a Stinging Defeat in Her Own City

When New York City’s crowded, confused Democratic primary for mayor apparently ended in victory for former police Capt. Eric Adams, there were plenty of losers littering the field.

Dem mayor claims truck incident is ‘terrorist attack’ against LGBT people. Then the truth comes out.

Democrats pounced on a tragic incident that unfolded Saturday at a Fort Lauderdale LGBT Pride celebration in which one person was killed when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating Pride Month.

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