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Ukraine Is ‘Teachable Moment’ in Weapon Tally After Defense Department Fails Audit

The Pentagon's chief financial officer Mike McCord said the Ukraine-Russia situation is a "teachable moment" for the United States.

United States Sending $275 Million of Military Hardware to Ukraine Ahead of Midterms

Department of Defense is drawing on U.S. military stock to send Ukraine another $275 million in weapons and ammunition

U.S. Military Bases Sell Chinese Govt-Made Smart Devices With Privacy Policies Stating Data Can Be Sent to China

The United States government is actively selling potential surveillance devices to American military personnel and families on military bases that are directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The National Pulse can reveal.

Pentagon Releases ‘Full’ List of Military Aid to Ukraine Totalling $17 Billion (Read Document)

DoD on Wednesday released a 'Fact Sheet on US Security Assistance to Ukraine' showing the Biden admin has authorized $16.9 billion in military aid for Ukraine in 2022.

Pentagon Watchdog Flags Potentially Illegal Blanket Denials of COVID Vax Religious Exemptions

Secretary of Defense sat on explosive inspector general memo for months before forwarding to service secretaries, department general counsel.

Biden Admin. Denies D.C. Mayor’s 2nd Request for National Guard Help

The Pentagon has denied Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s second request to mobilize the National Guard to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants...

Biden Signs Off on Arizona Border Wall Construction

The president previously criticized Trump for building the wall.

Pentagon Memo Shows Trump Gave Order to ‘Make Sure’ Jan. 6 Rally Was ‘Safe’

General's testimony contradicts claim that Trump supported violence.

Arms Trafficking Stemming From Ukraine Conflict Is an Increasing Concern for Western Governments

Russia has claimed that arms shipments meant for the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ending up on the black market in Europe and the Middle East.

More Than 150,000 Pounds of Baby Formula Delivered to Houston

Enough to provide for 1.5 million bottles.

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