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DOD Spent Nearly $1 Million on Beagle Testing Through Loophole

Watchdog organization White Coat Waste (WCW) released a report detailing the Defense Department's wasteful spending to conduct experiments on beagles.

Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Pier Detaches, Drifts Onto Israeli Beach

A portion of the $320 floating pier built off Gaza's coast has broken off and drifted onto an Israeli beach.

Xi Jinping Invites Americans to Travel to China to Boost Economy

The Chinese government held a “tourism leadership summit” to encourage Americans to visit China, featuring an invite from dictator Xi Jinping.

Gaza Pier to Cost $320 Million Taxpayer Dollars

The Department of Defense told Reuters that the pier designed to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza will cost taxpayers $320 million.

Biden Admin Signs onto Medical Surveillance Program

Last week, the White House signed onto a global health security (GHS) program alongside 50 other countries.

Biden Administration Launches Multi-Billion Dollar Effort to Combat Climate Change

President Joe Biden unveiled yet another controversial plan on Tuesday, allocating over $6 billion in federal funding to bolster climate resilience efforts across the...

Generals Blame State Department for Delayed Afghanistan Evacuation

Retired Gen. Mark Milley and retired Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, the two senior generals overseeing the U.S. military during the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan,...

Report Calls for Government Intervention on AI

A State Department-funded study calls for the government to have stronger regulatory powers over artificial intelligence (AI).

DOD Sends Another $300 Million to Ukraine

The Pentagon is sending another aid package to Ukraine, valued at $300 million.

Defense Secretary Austin Back in Hospital, Transfers Duties

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized for "symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue," according to a February 11 statement.

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