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Biden’s Removal of Employers’ Ability to Cite ‘Moral Objection’ for Contraception Coverage Could Target Religious Liberty

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced earlier this week that it was looking into removing employers’ ability to cite a moral objection to providing contraception in their employee insurance coverage under the Obamacare mandate, while legal experts warn that this could be the first step to removing religious exemptions as well.

Christian Baker Jack Phillips Continues Fight After Latest Court Loss

Jack Phillips, the Christian baker who won a Supreme Court case in 2018, lost an appeal Thursday (Jan. 26) in a Colorado civil lawsuit regarding a transgender-themed cake.

Student Wins Right to Wear ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Face Mask in School After 2-Year Legal Battle

“Schools would do well to remember the constitutional rights of students cannot be simply suspended—during a pandemic or otherwise," said Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel.

Federal Judge Upholds West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act

Separates sports teams by biological sex, citing inherent physical differences between sexes.

Christian Student Group’s First Amendment Win

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln settles a lawsuit with Christian student group Ratio Christi, revising its policy on student fees and paying the group $1,500 and $25,000 in attorneys' fees and costs, after the group accused the university of violating its freedom of speech.

Court Rules Biological Males Can Compete with Women in Connecticut

A federal appeals court in New York City ruled on Friday that transgender athletes in Connecticut are allowed to participate on female sports teams, upholding a lower court's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by cisgender runners.

School Booted Christian Teacher for Declining to Use Trans Pronouns, Names

A Christian teacher who was forced to resign for declining to use the preferred names of trans-identifying students is suing the school district, claiming it violated her free speech and religious liberty rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Biden Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill into Law

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed a bill that extends marriage rights to same-sex couples across the United States, making it the law of the land. The law is a repeal of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

Men Are Winning Women’s Athletic Competitions Across The Nation

Dozens of athletic competitions for women and girls have been upended by the participation of males identifying as transgender women.

Idaho U. Pays $90K to Settle Free Speech Lawsuit with Christian Group

The University of Idaho will pay $90,000 to settle lawsuit filed by three Christian students and a professor hit with no-contact order after supporting traditional marriage.

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