ADL Denies Leftist Extremism of Nashville Shooter

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) denied the left-wing extremism of Nashville shooter Audrey Hale, instead claiming that right-wing extremists were the cause of "all" extremism-related shootings in 2023, according to The Daily Signal.

Florida Defamation Bill Sparks Nationwide Debate Over Media Freedom

Conservative groups and activists nationwide are expressing opposition to a bill pending before the Florida House, which aims to facilitate lawsuits against journalists and...

Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3 Million in Defamation Case

A jury has awarded an additional $83.3 million to former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll in her defamation case against former President Donald Trump.

E. Jean Carroll Trial Against Trump Postponed

Donald Trump's civil defamation case against E. Jean Carroll was postponed this week after one juror and a parent of one of Trump's lawyers reported feeling ill.

Understanding the 1st Amendment: A Comprehensive Guide

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a cornerstone of American democracy, protecting the fundamental rights of freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition

Jeffrey Epstein Associates to be Made Public in Unsealed Court Documents

The identities of over 170 individuals connected to Jeffrey Epstein will soon be made public after a judge ordered documents be unsealed.

Rudy Giuliani to Pay $148 Million in Defamation Case

Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani owes almost $150 million after making defamatory statements about two Georgia election workers.

Airplane Flies Over Ivy League University With Banner: ‘Harvard Hates Jews’

A video shows a banner flying over Harvard University reading, "Harvard Hates Jews."

Elon Musk Threatens ‘Thermonuclear Lawsuit’ Against Left-Wing Media Matters

Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened over the weekend to sue media watchdog "Media Matters" and those who attacked his social media platform X.

MTG Calls for Capitol Police Records, Likens Pro-Palestinian Protest at U.S. Capitol to ‘Insurrection’

Greene demanded the preservation of "all video surveillance footage, photographic evidence, police reports and arrests records from all House Office Buildings on October 18, 2023."

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