Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $473 Million More to Sandy Hook Families, Assets Frozen

Alex Jones was ordered to pay an additional $473 million dollars on top of the already $960 million in damages to Sandy Hook families for declaring the shooting was a hoax.

Charges Dropped Against CEO of Election Tech Company

Charges against the CEO of an election technology company have been dismissed after Los Angeles County prosecutors found “potential bias” in an investigation.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Revenue Declining Despite No Changes to Censorship Policies

Twitter owner Elon Musk said the social media company’s revenue is declining because of skittish advertisers, despite the tech platform making zero changes to its censorship policies.

Princeton University Partners With Anti-Defamation League to Collect Data on Criticism Towards Elected Officials

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is joining Princeton University to lead a "data collection initiative" over supposed threats and criticisms of elected leaders.

Embattled Kanye West hires Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez

Kanye West has hired Johnny Depp’s fierce attorney who helped him beat ex-wife Amber Heard’s defamation suit, according to a report Friday.

Donald Trump: I Could ‘Easily’ Be Israel’s Prime Minister

Former President Donald Trump said he “could easily be” the prime minister of Israel and Jewish Americans should “get their act together” and be more appreciative of what they have in Israel.

Owner of California Mexican Restaurant Receiving Threats After Posting a Photo With Mike Lindell

A restaurant owner in northern California said that she and some of her staff were receiving threats and harassment after putting up a photograph...

Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Nearly a $Billion in Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

Jones watched as the order was read during a taping of his show.

Alex Jones ‘Boycotting’ Sandy Hook Defamation Trial: Attorney

Alex Jones, InfoWars founder, left his defamation trial in protest Wednesday.

Trump Sues CNN for Defamation, Seeks $475 Million (Read Lawsuit)

President Donald Trump’s attorneys argue that CNN “has sought to use its massive influence — purportedly as a ‘trusted’ news source — to defame...

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