Harvard Reinstates Standardized Testing

Harvard College announced that it will reinstate its standardized testing requirement for admissions starting next year.

Liberal Pastors Sign Declaration Against Christian Nationalism

A group of pastors gathered at Yale Divinity School's Center for Public Theology and Public Policy in New Haven, Connecticut, to sign a declaration opposing "religious nationalism."

Democrat Dean Philips Suspends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Biden

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Philips suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, following his loss to President Biden on Super Tuesday.

Snowstorm Looms Over Tight Race for New York Congressional Seat

A winter storm expected to bring up to 8 inches of snow to the Northeast might impact voter turnout on Tuesday for the closely...

Biden Faces Uphill Battle as Nikki Haley Gains Traction in South Carolina

President Biden appears poised for a comfortable victory in the South Carolina primary, yet Republican contender Nikki Haley may dent his triumph. Biden, like in...

Complaint Alleges Harvard Diversity, Inclusion Officer Plagiarized Work

Sherri Ann Charleston, Harvard University's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, has been accused of plagiarism.

CHRISTMAS DAY “The Great Divide for the Timing of All Events on Earth…where the Magnetic Needle of History stands Vertical and Points Up” –...

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, in addition to being the most persecuted. According to Pew Research Center, 2015, approximately a third of the world's population is Christian. Christmas Day could be...

Democrat Andrew Yang Endorses Dean Phillips for President, Criticizes President Biden

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang endorsed United States Rep. Dean Phillips for the 2024 presidential race last week.

Harvard To Host Summer Program at Palestinian University

Harvard University will host a summer program where students will be briefed on “settler colonialism” at a Palestinian university that called for “glory to martyrs” after the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel.

U.S. Homelessness at New High

The Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report detailing that homelessness across the United States has increased 12%.

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