Corruption Scandal Rocks Ukraine’s Government as Officials Resign

In total, four deputy ministers and five governors of front-line provinces were set to leave their posts.

U.S. Weapon Sales Rose Dramatically in 2022

U.S. weapon sales to other nations were more than $51.9 billion due to the war in Ukraine.

Wokeness Is Coming for Classical Christian Education

It’s been a good year for classical Christian education.

Hunter Biden Requests Court Prevent Daughter From Taking Last Name

Hunter has never met his four-year-old daughter, Navy.

Hunter Biden Said He Paid Nearly $50,000 a Month to Live at House Where Classified Docs Were Discovered, Document Shows

Hunter Biden claimed he paid $49,910 a month to live at President Joe Biden’s Delaware residence where classified documents were discovered, a document shows.

University of Pennsylvania’s Chinese Donations to Be Investigated After Biden Classified Docs Found

"This is another aspect of the potential for this family to be compromised," said James Comer.

Comer Requests Information on Biden Documents

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) demanded information on the identities of the Biden officials who searched the classified documents.

GOP Launches Probe into Biden Family’s Business Deals and Influence Peddling

House Republicans open investigation into Joe Biden and his family regarding their foreign business practices, international influence peddling schemes, and suspected suspicious activities.

Mother of COVID Vax-Injured Son Blames Government

The mother of a young man who developed blood clots in his brain nine days after receiving the COVID vaccine is now blaming the government.

Joe Biden’s Top 15 Most Outlandish Lies

President Joe Biden has lied a lot before and during his presidency.

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