Memorial Day – American Minute with Bill Federer

Memorial Day in America, as an annual observance, can be traced back to the end of the Civil War, a war in which over a half-million died.  Southern...

Mental Health Issues Among Border Patrol Agents Rise

Several Border Patrol agents have described increasing mental health issues among their ranks.

CNN Political Commentator, Republican Adviser Alice Stewart Dies at 58

CNN political commentator and Republican political adviser Alice Stewart died at the age of 58, CNN reported over the weekend.

Former President Donald Trump Speaks at NRA Convention

Former President Donald Trump took the stage at the 153rd Annual NRA meeting in Dallas, Texas where he was officially endorsed by the association for the upcoming presidential election.

Israeli Forces Recover 3 Bodies of Hostages Seized by Hamas

Israeli forces reportedly rescued the bodies of three hostages from the Gaza Strip this week.

Common Sense Study Finds Cows Don’t Cause Climate Change

A new study found that cows do not contribute to climate change.

Roman Empire Persecutions – American Minute with Bill Federer

"Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'" reported the BBC, (5/3/19): "A report ordered by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ... Christians were the most persecuted religious group ... Mr...

Former MLB Star Sean Burroughs Dies Suddenly at 43

Former Major League Baseball star Sean Burroughs died suddenly at 43 years-old this week.

RFK Jr. Reveals Brain Parasite Encounter in Decades-Old Deposition

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recounted in a years-old deposition that doctors once told him a parasitic worm had invaded part of his brain before...

10 More Boeing Whistleblowers Come Forward

Ten more Boeing whistleblowers have come forward to speak out against the company's safety procedures despite two other whistleblowers having passed away suddenly.

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