David Hogg

Liberals Accidentally Mock Biden While Trying to Criticize Boebert

Rep. Boebert was poking fun at Biden in the tweet leftists targeted.

Biden Announcing New Crackdown On Gun Rights This Week

Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce a new crackdown on gun rights this week with one of the most extreme far-left anti-gun activists set to attend the event.

‘Harvard, Come Get Your Boy’: David Hogg Educated Over Absurd Inquiry About a License ‘to Kill Humans’

In a spectacular display of what an Ivy League education produces these days, gun control activist David Hogg took to social media in an exercise of the absurd when he posed the question, “If you need a license to kill deer why don’t you need one to kill humans?”

David Hogg’s Anti-Gun Campaign ‘Fades Into Darkness’ As Millennials Embrace Second Amendment

The Argentinian Philosopher Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche surmised that the world is in turmoil because people don’t know where their thoughts originate. The ideas of others enter their heads, and those people feel like the thoughts are their own. Not realizing that they’ve been programmed.

David Hogg quits progressive pillow company he founded to compete with Mike Lindell

David Hogg just lost his pillow fight to Mike Lindell

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