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List of Companies Facilitating Abortions for Red-State Employees

Companies promise to pay travel expenses for employees' medical treatment, including travel for an abortion.

IRS, Department of Homeland Security Contracted Firm That Sells Location Data Harvested From Dating Apps

The company formerly known as X-Mode is now part of a federal government contractor that sells location data quietly harvested from apps.

Lyft and Uber to supplement legal fees for drivers sued over Texas abortion law

Rideshare companies Lyft and Uber issued separate statements announcing they will supplement legal fees for any drivers transporting women to abortion clinics who are sued under the recently passed Texas abortion law.

Apple Bans ‘Tinder For Unvaxxed’ After Media Snitches on Company

Bloomberg contacted Apple and it was immediately removed.

Dating Apps Allow Users to Reject the Unvaccinated

They’re worried about the wrong infection.

White House Partners With Dating Apps to Promote COVID Vaccines

Vaccinated people allegedly getting 'more matches.'

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