Trump Declares Strong Stand Against Central Bank Digital Currency

In his recent speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump declared that, if elected president again, he would oppose the implementation of...

Russia Approves Digital Ruble

Controlled by central bank.

Texas Proposes Gold-Backed Digital Currency as Alternative to Central Bank Digital Currencies

The proposed digital currency in Texas would be unique as it would be based on a physical asset, gold, and each unit of the digital currency issued would represent a particular fraction of a troy ounce of gold held in trust.

Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Sounds Alarm on U.S. Introducing, Centralizing Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) "grease the slippery slope to financial slavery and political tyranny," says Kennedy.

Celebrities Charged With Allegedly Peddling Cryptocurrency

Actress Lindsay Lohan, YouTuber Jake Paul, rapper Lil Yachty, and other celebrities have been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for "illegally touting" cryptocurrencies Tronix and BitTorrent.

Sen. Cruz Introduces Legislation Prohibiting Federal Reserve from Developing Central Bank Digital Currency

Ted Cruz introduces legislation to prevent the U.S. Federal Reserve from creating a digital currency to avoid financial surveillance and government control over Americans' financial information.

Bank of England Planning Digital Currency System

"It is likely a digital pound will be needed in the future,” said Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Andrew Tate Detained on Suspicion of Rape, Human Trafficking, Organized Crime

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan detained by Romanian law enforcement on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and organized crime; prosecutors find six women allegedly sexually exploited by the brothers and two other men.

Donald Trump Launches Digital Trading Card Collection

President Trump has launched a limited edition Digital Trading Card collection of NFTs, which are digital assets representing ownership of a unique item or piece of content, and are available for purchase on his official website.

Democrat Congressman: ‘It Just Looks Like We’re Pickpocketing The Public’ Without a Stock Ban

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose husband's stock purchases have often raised eyebrows, didn't bring the stock ban bill to the floor before the House...

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