Minnesota Walks Back on New Flag Design

After widespread backlash on Minnesota's new state flag design the State Emblems Redesign Commission has chosen another option.

Trump Vows To Run For President From Prison If He’s Convicted

Former President Donald Trump said last week that he would run for president from the inside of a prison cell if he is convicted in the criminal cases he's fighting.

‘They Need Jesus’: Herschel Walker Responds to MSNBC Comments

Herschel Walker, the star athlete-turned Republican U.S. Senate challenger in Georgia, responded on Monday afternoon to Elie Mystal's claim that Walker is "so clearly unintelligent" and "what Republicans want from their Negroes."

Progressives Let Loose on Joe Biden’s Age and Issues, Say There Will Be a Challenger in 2024

There’s been a lot of quiet speculation on the left about Joe Biden’s ability to run again, much less whether or not he would stand a chance given how unpopular he is at this point.

Let’s Go Brandon stores selling anti-Biden merch take off in New England

Owner reports strong sales in Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Trump bashes ‘Radical Left CRAZIES’ in statement celebrating Easter

He has been very vocal in written statements

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