Supreme Court Extends Stay, Prevents Texas from Implementing Immigration Law

The U.S. Supreme Court extended a stay on a Texas immigration law that would allow the state to arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants.

Texas Arrests Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

Texas authorities have arrested thousands of immigrants in an operation to combat illegal immigration.

Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Wait for Processing at Eagle Pass

Videos show thousands of illegal immigrants waiting to be processed at Eagle Pass, Texas.

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Police to Arrest Illegal Immigrants

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a bill into law that allows state law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants.

Ohio Human Trafficking Crackdown Results in 160 Arrests

The arrests also implicated individuals with intentions to have sex with minors and those promoting prostitution.

U.S. Puts Three More Chinese Companies on Forced Labor Entity List

This decisive move comes amid growing concerns over the exploitation of Uyghurs and other minority groups within the U.S. supply chain.

Billionaire Allegedly Aiding Zelensky Arrested for Money Laundering

Before becoming president of Ukraine, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky's show ran on billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky-controlled media.

Proud Boys’ Enrique Tarrio Receives 22-Year Sentence Over Jan 6 Capitol Breach Involvement

The sentencing is currently the lengthiest given in connection to the events of that day

Man in Saudi Arabia Sentenced to Death for Social Media Posts

A man has received the death penalty for social media posts on X, previously known as Twitter, and actions on YouTube.

Ukrainian Police Raid Christian Monastery

Ukrainian police officers raided the Kiev Pechersk Lavra following a court ruling forcing monks out of the historic monastery.

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