COVID Relief

One stunning afternoon: Setbacks imperil Biden’s reset

It was an hour President Joe Biden would no doubt like to forget. On Friday, the Pentagon acknowledged that a drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10...

COVID-19 Relief Measures Make US Tax System ‘More Progressive’

The U.S. income tax system is “very progressive,” and it’s increasingly taking on the role of providing social benefits to households, according to the Tax Foundation.

Infrastructure ‘paid for’ with borrowed money

Congress 'relying on gimmicks and quirks of the budget scoring process'

California May Require Public Colleges to Provide Free… Men’s Menstrual Products?

Men’s menstrual products aren’t even a thing, but that isn’t stopping one California assemblycritter from requiring that the state’s public colleges provide them for free.

Biden Makes It Official: Federal Workers Must Get Vaccine or Submit to Regular Testing — Postal Union, Others Push Back

Biden’s plan to require all federal employees and contractors to get the COVID vaccine or submit to regular testing, wear masks and socially distance is already getting pushback from those who question the constitutional legality and how mandates would be enforced.

“Absolutely Shameless”: WH Press Secretary Blames REPUBLICANS For Defunding Police

Argues that lack of support for COVID relief bill equates to desire to defund law enforcement.

Judge STOPS Biden’s Racist COVID Relief Policy After Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Sued The Administration

Stephen Miller successfully stopped Biden's racist plan to provide support exclusively to restaurants owned by non whites.

Newsom offers cash to voters from budget windfall, federal COVID relief money, ahead of recall vote

"This is one more reason why borrowing and sending tens of billions to California was a crying shame" – Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney.

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