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Covid Vax Deaths Likely to Strike 2 Democrats for Every 1 Republican

As much as we have attempted to sound the alarm and save the lives of both Democrats and Republicans (and everyone else) across America, recent polls and surveys reveal that about 95% of Democrats have either already taken the covid vaccine or plan to.

Study Confirms Trump Was Right About Hydroxychloroquine

Collateral Damage: That’s the new definition for the US Coronavirus deaths.

How Many Really Died from COVID? California County Reduces Toll by 25%

County previously included deaths of anyone infected with the virus, regardless of whether it was a direct or contributing cause of death.

UK Records Zero COVID Deaths, Pro-Lockdown Adviser Told to “Shut Up”

Scientists still refusing to admit restrictions should be lifted.

COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduced ivermectin

Authorities create home-treatment-kit for 22 million-strong population.

2 Months After Biden Called End of Mask Mandate ‘Neanderthal Thinking,’ Texas Reports 0 COVID Deaths

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to, out of the blue, generously bestow upon Americans their official blessing to stop wearing masks in most settings, if, that is, said Americans have been fully vaccinated.

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