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Environmentalists Who Support Depopulating the Earth Urge Court Packing to Protect Abortion Rights

The Center for Biological Diversity, an activist climate group that supports population control, joined a coalition of groups urging Congress to expand the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Senate Confirms Biden Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

First Black woman confirmed to Supreme Court succeeds Justice Stephen Breyer.

Why the Senate should vote against Ketanji Brown Jackson

Last week, I laid out three reasons senators should think twice before giving Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson a premature vote of support. She has since made their decisions much easier, making it clear that lawmakers must vote against her nomination for the sake of the Supreme Court and the integrity of our judiciary.

Fresh alarm sounded on U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts

'The consequences for popular democracy could be dire'

Supreme Court commission concludes, sends report to Biden — and indicates good news if you read between the lines

The commission that President Joe Biden established to examine an expansion of the Supreme Court voted Tuesday to hand over a nearly 300-page report to the president that details what the panel determined.

Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Loses 2 Conservative Members Amid Court Packing Debate

Two conservative members of President Joe Biden’s bipartisan commission examining public debate over U.S. Supreme Court reform, including whether to increase the number of justices, are no longer on the panel.

Democrats’ Court-Packing Schemes All About Power

The Democrats’ plans to pack the Supreme Court appear to be getting serious.

Republican Attorneys General Plan to Fight ‘Insane’ Court-Packing Battle

Republican attorneys general (AGs) across the country are prepared to fight the recently introduced court-packing legislation, as indicated by their vocal statements of opposition to it, endorsements of the Keep Nine amendment, and vows to explore legal routes to challenge the legislation.

Son of the late Justice Scalia: Packing Supreme Court would decrease Dems’ power

Christopher Scalia calls the new legislation a 'transparent power play’

Trump: ‘Politically Correct Supreme Court’ Will Get What It Deserves If Court Is Expanded

Former President Donald Trump reacted to White House plans to create a commission that would, among other proposals, study potentially expanding the Supreme Court.

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