United States to Play Major Role in Gaza Stabilization with Appointed Adviser

The Biden administration is considering appointing a U.S. official as the top civilian adviser to a predominantly Palestinian force once the Israel-Hamas conflict ends,...

Biden Drops Plan to Prohibit Menthol Cigarettes After Facing Criticism From Black Community

The Biden administration is reversing its plan to ban menthol cigarettes after facing harsh criticism from the Black community.

US Considers Deploying Troops to Eastern Europe Amid Russian Threats

The United States is in discussions with NATO allies regarding the potential deployment of American military forces to Eastern Europe, a senior administration official...

Rep. Mike Gallagher to Resign Early

Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI) announced that he will be resigning from Congress early.

Nikki Haley Says She’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’ as Trump Receives 182 South Carolina Endorsements

Nikki Haley said she plans to remain in the Republican presidential primary race against Donald Trump.

Air Force Academy Leadership Summit Features Transgender Activist

The United States Air Force Academy's leadership summit featured transgender activist Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, a man identifying as a woman.

Microsoft Admits it Pays White Employees Less than Minorities

Microsoft acknowledged in a diversity report that it pays white employees less than minority employees.

CBS Seizes Hunter Biden Research from Former Reporter

After reporter Catherine Herridge was laid off from CBS News, the network seized files about her research into Hunter Biden.

USDA Partners with Left-Wing Group to Increase Voter Turnout

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) partnered with the group Demos to increase voter turnout ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to documents obtained by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

Prosecutors Counter Menendez’s Dismissal Plea with Evidence of Recorded Conversations

Federal investigators utilized a confidential informant who clandestinely recorded conversations involving Senator Bob Menendez, as revealed in a legal brief filed by prosecutors handling...

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