Amazon Pauses Building Second HQ in Virginia

Online retailer Amazon is pausing its construction of its second headquarters campus in Arlington, Virginia.

Green Energy Push Increases Dependence on China

Cybersecurity adviser at My Smart Privacy Rex Lee said the push for green energy contributes to U.S. reliance on China.

Most American Voters Want U.S. To Stop Activity With Chinese Property Near Air Bases

A poll revealed that 76.3% of Americans want the United States to cease "construction on or deliveries to/from Chinese owned property near U.S. military installations."

Musk Appears With Newsom to Announce New Tesla HQ in California

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) appeared together on Wednesday as the electric automaker unveiled a new hub for its technology employees in Silicon Valley.

Parents Outraged After Preschool Painted Kids in Blackface for ‘Black History Month’

A preschool in Miami, Florida, came under fire after parents recently discovered that children were allegedly painted in blackface as part of a Black History Month activity.

Korea Engineered ‘Mutant’ COVID Variants with ‘Site-Directed Mutagenesis’ Requiring ‘Enhanced Biosafety Level 3’: Funded by NIH

Gentic material from COVID virus combined with genetic material from hepatitis D virus.

Joe Biden’s Brother Secretly Negotiated $140 Million Deal with Saudi Arabia

James Biden reportedly used his relationship with then-Vice President Joe Biden to secretly negotiate a $140 million settlement deal with Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to newly revealed court documents.

Evidence Emerges That NATO Gearing Up for a Full-Scale War Against Russia

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Committee chairman Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands indicated that NATO is now prepared for direct war against Russia.

Georgia Gov. Kemp Declares State of Emergency

Kemp said it is because of "unlawful assemblage, violence, overt threats of violence, disruption of the peace and tranquility of this state and danger to existing persons or property” that he declared the state of emergency.

California Border Protection Won’t Increase the Height of a Portion of Border Wall Amid Immigration, Drug, Illegal Firearms Crisis

Plans now include lowering one section from the originally proposed 30 feet to 18 feet.

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